Orange / Djingo

Our challenge was to create a global visual identity system that brings to life a new multi-service virtual assistant from Orange™ called Djingo. The new AI virtual assistant can be controlled by voice or text. It offers an easy and intuitive way for you to navigate Orange TV™, manage your connected home, make a call or access lots of other services. We created a simple ownable global language. Not only does this new identity have an intelligent link to the Orange masterbrand and methods of modern communication, it also humanises a platform that is known to have a lack of character, personality and emotion. The simple recognisable human form eases user relationships with an otherwise soulless interface.

We are continuing to work with Orange on this project. Unfortunately, we cannot share all the work but we are immensely proud of what we have achieved together over the last year.

Brand Strategy, Design & Art Direction, Branding, Packaging, Interactive, UI