Ideas with Form, Idées formalises, Ideer med Form, フォームでのアイデア. We help brands shape their world.

Ideas with form is our founding principle. We believe design should be thoughtful, honest and built on integrity. We trust in the creative process and embrace change. This reflects our belief that great ideas can shape the way we see the world. 


We help companies project a truer and unique expression of themselves. Through thoughtful reduction and understanding we produce original thinking that helps companies appreciate and identify their offering with renewed clarity and energy. This energy is translated into physical applications that improve the everyday practice but more importantly long term business growth. 


Companies we have worked with:



We created a new visual identity system representing Visa at the Rio 2016™ Olympic Games. A visual identity system that is uniquely Visa, grounded in their master brand identity, unifying their marketing communication materials across all platforms and markets leading up to and during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The challenge: maintaining the integrity of the Visa acceptance mark whilst creating a unique, scalable and dynamic system that incorporates influences from the Rio 2016 Olympic identity and the culture, style and spirit of Rio itself. The intent was to visualise the dynamism and inherent momentum within the Visa brand for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The visual identity system designed has been adopted on a global level by Visa and has informed advertising campaigns and global identity systems. Client: Visa/BGO.

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❷ Coca-Cola

Movement Is Happiness™ is The Coca-Cola Company’s global effort to inspire an entire generation of young people to be happier and healthier through movement. We were tasked to visualise this movement with a simple graphic language that worked with the existing Coca-Cola Company’s iconic elements. Client: Coca-Cola/BGO.

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❸ Orange™

We are currently working with Orange™, helping them to present their new virtual assistant Djingo to the world. This includes: Brand Identity, Storytelling & Tone of Voice, Art Direction, Illustration, Packaging Design, Posters, User Interface, Motion Graphics +.  


We are at an exciting stage of development as a studio. We have gained valuable knowledge & experience over the last 15 years. Not content with looking back we are constantly challenging our own understanding of what we offer as a studio. Our capabilities have grown over time, informed by our commitment to constantly invest in our own research and development. Our interest in line, colour, perspective, movement and the edges of things allows us to offer companies ideas for today and tomorrow.  

Capabilities: Art Direction / Brand Identity / Concept Development / Illustration 2D-3D / Motion Graphics / Packaging / Physical Environments and Exhibitions / Research and Strategy / Responsive Web Design and Development / UI / UX Design / Video Direction.

Past and current clients include; Apple, Coca-Cola, Haagen-Dazs, Microsoft, Nike, Nokia, Orange, Uniqlo and Visa.


Thank you for taking the time to investigate Sanderson Bob Studio. If you would like to engage in conversation we would be happy to speak to you.