We were founded in 2002 by Creative Director Bob Sanderson (Central Saint Martins/TDR/W+K).  We are at an exciting stage of development as a studio. We have gained valuable knowledge & experience over the last 15 years. 


Every brand and idea has its own form. We help companies project a truer and unique expression of themselves. Through thoughtful reduction and understanding we produce original thinking that helps companies appreciate and identify their offering with renewed clarity and energy. This energy is translated into physical applications that improve the everyday practice but more importantly long term business growth.


Ideas with Form Is our founding principle. We believe design should be thoughtful, honest and built on integrity. We trust in the creative process and embrace change. This reflects our belief that great ideas can shape the way we see the world. 

Our ideas have helped shape the way consumers interpret flavours of ice cream (Haagen-Dazs), with just two rectangles we made the consumer feel every where they want to be (VISA), we created a language to express 165 different product options using a multiplied single form (Coca-Cola Freestyle). Shapes are familiar, they can be multiplied, simplified, abstracted, hold meaning, produce pattern, inspire and innovate. 

Clients include: