Sanderson Bob Studio


Working from a vector 2D grid we created a 3D version typeface that is both simple and premium. Making the typography the hero.


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Typeface made from bold colourful forms. A typeface with the potential to create bold compositions.



Multi faceted modern serif typeface. A modern perspective.



Encouraged to approach the way we view typography differently.



We were invited to take part in a project called A View of Sheffield. It was designed to represent the city as a whole, taking the opinions of those who know it best before asking a range of designers to interpret quotes as works of art. Our quote was outdoorsy. We created typography inspired by the objects we see/smell/touch on our walk in and around Sheffield.



Sometimes the smallest changes have the biggest impact. We work with clients to inject a uniqueness and personality to their existing identity for specific applications. 



Pipe. Hello

Adding depth and perspective with 3D custom typography. Utilising simple forms and texture to create well balanced typography. 




A simple and dynamic typography system built using multiples of a single form.






Typographic executions for Audi. Inspired by the powerful engineering and appearance of the car. The sleek proportions, shape, and surfaces of the vehicle.




An organic 3D typographic treatment. This Raw 3D approach captures a unique tonality and depth of detail.


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Orange. All In One

Typographic design for UK Advertising campaign. Bringing together a complex structure of elements visualising the myriad of data plans on offer to consumers to form a single All In One offering from Orange.



Microsoft Xbox. Play

Typography for Microsoft Xbox. Investigating the relationship between 2D and 3D. Injecting more personality to their masterbrand typography.



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A 2D display typography. Made from multiple simple lines the overall aesthetic feels unique, adaptive and future facing.


Team. Sando

Family typeface full of character and individual typographic forms. Expressive and powerful.



Display typeface inspired by science and data. A pure yet complex typographic approach.



Collage is a powerful tool for statement typography. Utilising existing materials in the studio we assign new contexts in order to create powerful typography. The raw creative process takes typography exploration into the unknown.




A typeface informed by our graphic interpretation of plant life. An organic typeface with plenty of life.


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Nike. Hyperfeel

Typography for the new Hyperfeel footwear range. Nike research insights informed the precise placement of cushioning and outsole traction for a low-profile shoe that provides padding and protection only where necessary. A drop-in Lunarlon insole with flex grooves allows the foot to have direct contact with the Lunarlon cushioning. The waffle outsole is ultra-thin, allowing the foot to get closer to the ground. The custom letterforms were inspired by the footwear characteristics and technology.