Nike World Basketball Festival

We created the visual identity, design and supporting typography for Nike’s World Basketball Festival. The WBF is a four-day celebration of the game and its culture conceived by Nike and USA Basketball. Consider it similar to the world tournament with national teams from the U.S, France, Puerto Rico, Brazil and China gathering to hold scrimmages and exhibition games at Madison Square Garden, Rucker Park and right in the middle of Times Square. There will also be games featuring elite high school talent and top playground squads, community events featuring live music and art, plus galleries and retail spaces featuring old-school and brand-new sneakers and apparel, basically every day is a party revolving around the world of basketball. The typographic glyphs and accents gave this amazing event an ownable global visual language with simple rules and constraints to create a beautiful and coherent language. Creative Director: Ray Butts, Michael Spoljaric
Illustration: Simian Chow